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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Role that the Welsh Neck Baptist Church Played in SC #southcarolinapioneers #genealogy

South Carolina Pioneers

Darlington County SC Wills and Estates

Hartsville, South Carolina Summerford FarmsA home in Hartsville and Summerford Farms in Darlington, County. Darlington County was formed in 1785. The county seat is situated in Darlington. It was originally part of the Cheraw District, and later (1888) part of it was given for Florence County and again in (1902) to Lee County. Traditionally, Welsh, Scotch-Irish, and Englishmen farmed this land and ultimately planted cotton. Some early settlers were : David Rogerson Williams (1776-1830), Governor and scientific experimenter, James Lide Coker (1837-1918), Moses Scott, Absalom Gallaway and David R. Coker (1870-1938).

Probate Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Darlington County Will Book 1 (1785-1797)
  • Index to Darlington County Will Book 2 (1798-1812)
  • Index to Darlington County Will Book 3 (1813)
  • Index to Darlington County Will Book 4 (1814-1840)
  • Index to Darlington County Will Book 10 (1838-1853)
Darlington County Will Book 1 (1785-1797); Digital Images of Transcripts
  • Gallaway, Absalom
  • James, William
  • Scott, Moses
  • Webb, Jolly
Darlington County Will Book 2 (1798-1812); Digital Images of Transcripts
  • Beasley, John
  • Berry, William
  • Cannon, George
  • Cole, James
  • Connell, William
  • Cuttino, Elizabeth
  • DeWitt, Charles
  • Fountain, William
  • Ganey, Isaac
  • Gee, William
  • Hafe, John
  • Hafe, John (2)
  • Ham, Henry
  • Harrell, John
  • Harts, James
  • Hatchel, Morris
  • Hixon, Thomas
  • Kimbrough, Hannah
  • Mackintosh, John
  • McBride, Archibald
  • McBride, Sally
  • McCall, John
  • Mercer, Jesse
  • Mikell, Anne
  • Mixon, Mica
  • Muldrow, William
  • Nettles, Zachariah
  • Newberry, Jesse
  • Orr, John
  • Pawley, James
  • Pugh, Evan
  • Trivitt, Elliott
  • Revell, Matthew
  • Russell, James Jr.
  • Russell, Michael
  • Russell, Michael (2)
  • Sanders, Nathaniel
  • Smith, John
  • Stanley, Thomas
  • Teele, Christopher
  • Thomas, Solomon
  • Thornhill, John
  • Wilds, Mary, Mrs.
  • Wingate, Edward
  • Wood, Joseph
  • Wright, Benjamin
Darlington County Wills, Book 3 (1813); digital images of transcripts
  • Brown, Jesse
  • Parnal, James

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Jeannette Holland AustinThe Role that Welsh Neck Baptist Church Played in South Carolina
By Jeannette Holland Austin

In 1737, a colony of Welsh from the Welsh Tract in Germantown, Pennsylvania (now Delaware) settled along the east bank of the Pee Dee River. A year later this colony of people met and organized themselves into a Baptist church, known as the Welsh Neck Baptist Church. It is said that the original church was built at Long Bluff (near Society Hill) on the bank of the Pee Dee River to the right of a public road leading from Bennettsville to Society Hill.

A fieldstone in the old Cashaway Baptist Church graveyard near the site of Cashaway Ferry, marks the resting place of Colonel Abel Kolb, a Revolutionary patriot and officer who was slain by Tories in 1781 while standing on the porch of his mansion. The British occupied most of the backcountry as well as the port of Charleston and this was the time when General Nathaniel Greene was preparing his attack on Ninety-Six. The Revolutionary War Pension of Colonel Kolb reflects that the Kolb family from Germany arrived in the country during 1707 and settled around Germantown in Pennsylvania. Four Kolb brothers, sons of Dielman Kolb and his wife, a Shumacher (shoe maker)of Manheim in Germany, were named Martin, Johannes, Jacob, and Henry. A fifth brother, Deilman, arrived in 1717. Johannes Kolb left Pennsylvania about 1737 and settled on the south bank of the Great Pee Dee River, called Kolb's Neck and located below present-day Society Hill. Johannes Kolb was the father of nine children, including Peter Kolb, the father of Abel Kolb. An early minister of the church was Reverend Philip James from Wales. The Surviving membership rolls reflect the first organizers, plus dates from 1759 to 1780s and reflect German and Scottish names. Two McIver families transferred their membership from Scotland on the rolls. The present-day cemetery appears to have started its burials about 1850 and also reveals a number of Scottish names. The surviving Membership Rolls listed under Churches on South Carolina Pioneers

Map of Darlington County

Coker House
Caleb Coker House build ca 1832

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  • The Humiliating Defeat of General Gates at Camden, SC - Kershaw Co. Wills, Estates
    Kershaw County Probate Records Kershaw County was originally part of Camden District, and was formed in 1791 from Claremont, Lancaster, Fairfield and Richland Counties. It was named for Joseph Kershaw (1727-1791). The county seat is Camden. Camden was first settled in about 1732 by the English who'd settled first in Charleston. Camden was occupied by the Revolutionary War from June of 1780 to May of 1781. Battle of Camden, South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. South Carolina Wills and Estate Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers Map of Plantations in Lower Kershaw County Index to Kershaw County…
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