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Monday, April 11, 2011

York County Will 1816 to 1839

We have completing transcribing the wills in York County, South Carolina from 1816 6o 1839.

Transcripts of York County Wills are Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers Subscribe and see the wills now

Transcripts of York County Wills 1816 to 1839.  Names of Testators as follows:

Adams, Francis
Adams, Margaret
Alexander, Hester
Alexander, Herman
Allison, Albert
Allison, Robert
Anderson, Ann
Ardry, William
Armstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Mary
Armstrong, Robert
Barnes, John
Barnhill, John
Barnett, Thomas (2)
Barnette, Richard
Barron, John
Barron, Thomas
Barry, Jane
Barry, John Sr.
Barry, Roger
Barry, Samuel
Bartlett, Daniel
Bates, John
Bates, Robert
Baxter, Mary
Baxter, William
Beamgarde, Godfrey
Beard, Jane
Benson, Jacob
Bigger, Moses
Bigger, William
Black, John
Black, Robert
Blair, Samuel
Blaylock, Jeremiah
Boggs, Aron
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Thomas Sr.
Bozewell, Robert
Bradley, Ellfyday
Bradley, Samuel
Bratton, Martha
Bridges, Thomas
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Robert
Brumfield, Elizabeth
Bryan, James
Buchanan, Samuel
Camp, William
Campbell, Elizabeth
Carroll, John
Carroll, Joseph
Carroll, Thomas (2)
Carruth, John
Chambers, Elizabeth
Chambers, John
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, William
Champion, William
Cherry, Peter
Choat, William
Clark, John
Clendinen, Thomas
Cooper, Margaret
Craig, James
Craig, Mary
Crawford, Agness
Crawford, James Sr.
Crawford, James
Currence, Rebecka
Curry, Charles
Cushman, Xerxes
Darby, Samuel
Darnal, James
Darwin, John
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William Sr.
Davison, Margaret
Dickson, William
Donally, Martha
Donnally, James
Donnom, Isaac
Dunlap, Susannasah
Dunlap, William
Dunwoody, John
Durhsm, John
Ellis, John
Ellis, Sarah
Enloe, Isaac
Enloe, Mary
Falls, John
Feemster, James
Feemster, John (3)
Ferris, Alexander
Floyd, Andrew
Forbes, John Sr.
Gabbie, Joseph
Gabby, John
Gallagher, Jane
Galloway, Alexander (2)
Galloway, William
Gault, Elizabeth
Gazaway, William Sr.
Gill, Mary
Gillispie, Margaret
Good, Mary
Green, Abraham
Greer, Agnes
Greer, Susanna
Grier, Robert
Grier, Thomas
Gwin, Richard
Hagan, William
Hall, William
Hambright, Frederick
Hambright, Patrick
Hamilton, Patrick
Hamilton, William
Hanna, Archibald
Hanna, Sarah
Hannah, Rosanah
Harper, Matthew Sr.
Hart, Priscilla
Harris, James
Harris, Mary
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, Prudence
Harris, Robert
Harrison, Henry
Hart, John
Hemingway, William
Hemphill, Mary
Hemphill, Ssmuel
Henderson, John
Henderson, Nathaniel
Henry, Alexander
Henry, William Sr.
Hill, Solomon
Hoff, Powel
Hogg, James
Hogg, Thomas
Hogge, John
Holdrage, Hannah
Holt, Akillas
Hood, George
Houser, Henry
Houser, John
Hutchison, Samuel
Jackson, David
Jackson, John
Jackson, Joseph
Jenkins, Benjamin
Johnston, David
Johnston, John
Johnston, Sarah
Kimbrel, Nancy
Kindrick, William
King, John
Kuykendall, Jonathan
Latham, Janes
Laurance, Joseph
Leatham, Mary
Lipscomb, Wyatt
Little, William
Love, Alexander
Love, Robert (2)
Love, William
Lowry, Samuel
Lusk, Elizabeth
Lusk, Jame
Mannon, Massey
Marley, Jamieson
Martin, Michal
Mason, James
McCall, Guzzell
McCarter, Christopher
McCarter, James
McCarter, Sarah
McCarter, Walter
McCaw, John
McCaw, John Sr.
McConnel, John Sr.
McCreight, Robert
McDaniel, Thomas
McElwain, John
John McFarlin
McGuown, William
McKenzie, Joseph Sr.
McLean, William
McLenahan, Finney
McMackin, Thomas
McMeans, James
McNeel, Mary
McSwain, George
Meacham, Bartlett
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Elvy
Miller, Hughey
Miller, John
Miller, Joseph (2)
Miller, Samuel
Minter, John
Moore, Gordon
Moore, John
Moore, John Sr.
Moore, Nathan
Moore, Ruth
Moore, Samuel
Moore, William Sr.
Muldoon, John
Mullin, Unity
Neely, David
Neely, Jean
Neely, Jonathan
Neely, Samuel
Neely, William
Nesbitt, Francis
Orr, John
Packard, Zedic
Pair, Mial
Patrick, William
Patrick, Robert
Patterson, Andrew
Patterson, Robert
Peters, James
Peters, John
Peters, Martha
Pettus, George
Pettus, John
Pettus, William
Polk, John
Polk, William
Porter, Samuel
Pursley, James
Pursley, Robert
Quinn, Thomas
Rainey, William
Ramsey, John
Rea, Sarah
Reeves, Cynthia
Riddle, George
Roberts, Andrew
Roberts, Jesse
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Robertson, John
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, William
Robison, William
Rogers, Isaac
Ross, George
Ross, James
Rowell, William
Sadler, Elizabeth
Sadler, Jane
Sadler, Jane (2)
Sadler, Richard
Sandifer, Elizabeth
Sandefur, Philip
Smith, James
Scott, Elizabeth
Sherer, Thomas
Simeril, James
Simmoons, Daniel
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith Lillis
Smith, William Sr.
Smith, Winefred
Springs, Richard
Stanton, William
Steedman, Michael
Steel, William
Steele, Mary
Stevenson, William
Stuart, Archibald
Suggs, Laban
Swann, Ann
Swann, John
Swann, Mary
Tate, James
Thomasson, Nathaniel
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, John
Thompson, Thomas
Thomson, William
Tilghman, Joshua
Turner, Robert
Turner, Thomas (2)
Vennable, James
Vennable, William
Waddel, David
Walker, Hugh
Wallis, Martha
Webb, Eleanor
Wells, Hugh
White, Hugh
Whitesides, Hugh
Wilkins, Smith
Williams, Charles
Wilson, Thomas
Workman, John
Wood, Aaron
Wylie, Nancy

"Find your Ancestors on South Carolina"

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"Find your Ancestors on South Carolina"

"Subscribe and view documents"

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